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Looking through my photos for the past year, the one that says "pandemic" the most to me is this one, taken in late April, 2020. With shortages of specific items such as toilet paper, flour, and yeast, and panic about future disruptions to supply lines, lots of people got into gardening in order to be more self-sufficient. I had seen an article about re-growing certain vegetables, so I experimented with a live butter lettuce, green onions, and a romaine lettuce. Can one re-grow food? Yes, especially if you have a greener thumb than I do. Green onions work well. I thought the lettuce had a more intense flavor. But grocery stores experienced fewer and fewer disruptions, and I never saw a shortage of vegetables. So like other pandemic fads (sourdough starters, jigsaw puzzles, etc.), re-growing food for me came and quickly went.

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Gardening during the pandemic



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