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Theses/Dissertations from 2016

"I am from Epifanis and Tamas": an autoethnography and bi-literacy narrative of a Mexican American orchard workers' daughter, Brenda Lorena Aguilar

Technology use in young English language learners: a survey of Saudi parents studying in the United States, Hamza Aljunaidalsayed

Love lessons, Madeline Mae Allen

Bilingualism of Arab children in the U.S.: a survey of parents and teachers, Omnia Alofii

"If you're not talkin' mess, then you should be ok": collegiate student-athletes' strategies and practices on social networking sites, Marc C. Anderson

Neighborhood of gray houses, Derek Annis

Cynicism and narcissism: masking the good life?, Joshua B. Bell

The martyrdom of Anne Askew: a case study in the suppression of feminine spirituality in late Henrician England, Tanya Gereldine Blakeley

Comparing energy expenditures between a circuit weight training protocol and a steady state aerobic activity, Breann M. Booher

An apology for the lies I tell about my character, Jess L. Bryant

The imprisoned Richard Simmons and other stories of growing up, Danielle Buynak

Documenting dreams: undocumented students in Washington State, M. Elena Calderon Sandoval

The relationship between invasive annual grasses and biological soil crust across Eastern Washington, Jarrett B. Cellini

Jay Fox: the life and times of an American radical, David J. Collins

Investigating the relationship between personality traits and athletic performance among elite hockey players, Brittney H. Conway

Animal girl: section one, Elizabeth Kaye Cook

College-level ELLs in two English composition courses: the transition from ESL to the mainstream, Andrew J. Copley

Exploring the conceptual overlap of the cognitive and affective theories of suicide, Leo D. DeBroeck

Increasing multimedia literacy in composition for multilingual writers: a case study of art analysis, Sony Nicole De Paula

Aggressive and depressed: long-term outcomes of childhood maltreatment, Elizabeth Dotson

Prague sings the blues, Gerard H. Duncan

At the sink a knife is a tool and other poems, Elizabeth Dunham

Pre-1900s Chinese placer mining in northeastern Washington State: an archaeological investigation, Lindsey M. Evenson

Cognitive bias modification-attention: training at home with multiple sessions, Priscilla Fauth

Things I (say and don't) mean, Caitlyn Lee Finger

Effects of a 10-week mental skills training intervention infused into a pre-existing English composition course, Courtney A. Flynn

Running back home and other poems, Vladislav Frederick

The warrior goddess who rules the Ugaritic pantheon: the mythological traditions of 'Anat during the late Bronze Age, Tina M. George

Reviewing critical pedagogy's criticisms and providing a pragmatic heuristic, Dominick S. Giguere

Impacts of the invasive Brook Stickleback (Culaea inconstans) on wandering garter snake (Thamnophis elegans vagrans) fitness, feeding behavior and diet, Adam C. Gilles

Be loved from the other side: Amy Denver's influence in Toni Morrison's Beloved, Aubra D. Godwin

A molecular characterization of the fungal endophytes within the needles of ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), Amy E. Gray

Teacher perceptions of music technology programs and of the use of technology to support music courses in public schools, Charles L. Green

Multilingual writers' unintentional plagiarism: action research in college composition, Jacqueline D. Gullon


Elk summer-autumn habitat selection in the Clearwater Basin of north-central Idaho, Calla R. Hetzner Hagle


Games for vocabulary enrichment: teaching multilingual writers at the college level, Jennifer Hawkins

Turtle hell: three stories, Elin Hawkinson

Near real-time early cancer detection using a graphics processing unit, Jason Helms

Relativity, Jeffrey Horner

Research that matters: transforming community based education through feminist pedagogy and public scholarship, Amber J. Johnson

Sexual risk taking among young LGBT individuals: examining the interplay between shame memories and fears of compassion, Elijah N. Johnson

Mission-driven communication for the non-profit organization: a case study of the Downtown Spokane Partnership, Lindsey Pilar Klemmer

Analysis of algorithms to create profitable trades in the stock market, Nicholas P. Klinger

Millions of names for empty space, Andrew Koch

Proof they were there, Holly Lavecchia

Online learning and the effects on functional health: a pilot study, Jessica Mangis

Exploring methodologies in feminist rhetoric and education: using Kirsch and Royster's terms of engagement in the college classroom, Elizabeth M. Matresse

The warrior kings and their giants: a comparative study of Beowulf and King David, Fred McFarland

Phenotypic characterization of the Peach (Prunus spp.) collection at the National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Davis, California, Tim Moran

Anger maintenance and the impact of shame, attachment, and experiential avoidance, Ahva R. Mozafari

Does an oral health education program increase oral health literacy and access to dental care in a refugee population?, Romana Muller

Determining the relationship between waist circumference, BIA, and ultrasound, Austin Nelson

Artifacts of family, Zachary Ostraff

Everything ever: stories, Anthony Payne

Dynamically parallel CAMSHIFT: GPU accelerated object tracking in digital video, Matthew J. Perry

Comparative examination of Lake Spokane groundwater for nutrient discharge by residential development influence, Wyatt Plastino

Critical reflection and the savior role in service learning, Bradley W. Plummer

Identifying as author: exploring the pedagogical basis for assisting diverse students to discover their identities through creatively defined literacy narratives, Amber D. Pullen

Chemically-mediated prey responses: invasive brook stickleback induced changes in behavior and life history of larval long-toed salamanders, Renae K. Reed

Invertebrate drift in the upper Columbia River with implications for young-of-the-year white sturgeon, Ryan W. Reihart

Oral manifestations of menopause: an interprofessional intervention for dental hygiene and physician assistant students, Windy L. Rothmund

Saltine box full of dreams: one Mexican immigrant woman's journey to academic success, Adriana C. Sanchez

Upper extremity strength and power field tests as predictiors of pole vault performance in female collegiate athletes, Carmen Schluter

And other poems, Michael Schmidt

Hunting stories, Dave Storment

Character extraction from ancient Chinese stele using discrete cosine transform, Toshiaki Ueno

No closure, J.P. Vallières

Three for a girl, Danielle K. Weeks

Student perceptions and attitudes regarding the diversity of music in their high school band classroom, Nathan Westlund

The relationship of intelligence and psychopathic traits to premeditated and impulsive aggression, Elizabeth Witt

Identifying risk factors for metabolic syndrome in Division I FCS football players, Julie Woolf

Determining the effects of non-native brook stickleback (Cualea inconstans) on the lentic systems at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, Cheney, WA, Jenae N. Yri

Theses/Dissertations from 2015


Exploring the perception of nationalism in the United States and Saudi Arabia, Reem Mohammed Alhethail


ECS: Educational Communication System, Nasmah Alnaimi


The geo-secure system: a secure system for data access based on geographical data, Fawaz J. Alruwaili


I'm not all that: a look at the imposter phenomenon in intimate relationships, Chante Alvarado


Heartbeat location assistance for electrocardiograms, Sarah Bass


Single mothers getting by: cultural and structural violence in public policy, Amara E. Bates


Acute effects of dynamic stretching on flexibility and agonist-antagonist muscle activity, Lance T. Beisley


An integrative approach to English composition, ESL, English for specific/special purposes (ESP), and technical communication, Brandy R. Bippes


Home and the future, Daniella C. Burke


Control, Kyle E. Capogna


Timber, Megan R. Charles


Effects of a nutritional intervention on dietary intake in female collegiate athletes, Megan Chavez


Gender-bias and its influence on the accuracy of eyewitness identification of perpetrators, Elizabeth K. Conkey


Initial response of riparian vegetation to dam removal on the Elwha River, Washington, Erin Susan Cubley


The color field, Melissa Dziedzic


Effects of upper body HIIT training on recreationally trained wheelchair athletes, Tayler Elizondo


Indirect association rule mining for crime data analysis, Riley Englin


Elk (Cervus elaphus) response to anthropogenic disturbance: hunting, land use, and climate change, Katherine S. Farrell


The women of the past who paved the path for our future, Desalyn Graybeal


If I had everything, Casey Guerin


Teaching the biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder: fostering a media literacy approach for multilingual writers, Kelly G. Hansen


Implementing a modified intercultural competency curriculum in an integrated English 101 classroom, Kathryn C. Hedberg


Somewhere in between, Anastasia R. Hilton


"Don't wake me, my desk is far too comfortable": an autoethnography of a novice ESL teacher's first year of teaching in Japan, Delaney Holland


How do grateful people cope?: exploring the mechanism of positive reappraisal, Debra Elise Hutchison


Caught up, Chelsea Johnson


ESL ABE, VESL, and bell hooks' Democratic education: a case study of four experienced ESL instructors, Michael E. Johnson


Hunter S. Thompson and gonzo journalism as literature, Michael P. Kiernan