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Date of Award

Spring 1994


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Document Type

Thesis: EWU Only

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science


Computer Science


This thesis proposes the use of a state language for industrial automation based on the Transputer (INMOS) architecture. The state language is used to specify the control strategy, which is a description of how the components to be automated are coordinated to perform the desired job. The state language approach to control strategy specification allows the job to be decomposed in such a way that is natural to the user. As a result, control strategy development and maintenance can be accomplished without the need for professional software engineers. Furthermore, use of the Transputer architecture allows the exploitation of parallel processors. The thesis work involves the development of a prototypical state language based programmable controller whose software is comprised of two parts, a control strategy development tool and the controller shell. The development tool translates the state language specification of the control strategy into occam2 source code. The controller shell, which is also written in occam2, provides the environment to support the execution of the control strategy. It is the controller shell that is the focus of this thesis. The product of the development tools and the controller shell source code are compiled together to form the working controller. This controller supports analog and digital devices as well as provides the framework in which to utilize analog algorithms as a part of the control strategy.