Submissions from 2020

Characterizing Two cagPAI Located Small RNAs in Helicobacter pylori, Veronica J. Albrecht and Andrea Castillo


An Analysis of Early Modern Philosopher Mary Astell and a Critique of the Western Canon, Analisea L. Araya

Economic Sanctions Reproduce State Sponsored Repression, Human Rights Violations and Violence: A Case Study of Venezuela, Gloria D. Bravo

An Analysis of Benthic Invertebrate Response to Nutrient Mitigation in the Wenatchee River Tributaries, Nicholas Dale Broderius

Maintaining Our Land: Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Wildfire Prevention, Madelyn R. Brown

Impact of Chytrid Fungus Pathogen on Skin Microbiome of Columbia Spotted Frogs in Northern Idaho, Philip M. Campos, Michael K. Lucid, and Jenifer B. Walke

Through the Eyes of Others, Joshua J. Clark

Lakota Memoirist, Delphine Red Shirt, and Whole Language, Brittany Courser

Measuring Variation in Body Morphology and Life History Traits in Brook Stickleback (Culaea inconstans), Eastern Washington, USA, Lily Elizabeth Crytser

Gene Expression Regulation of sRNA Hpnc2525 in the Clinically Relevant Helicobacter pylori cagPAI Genomic Region, Brandon Michael Flatgard, Veronica Albrecht, and Andrea Castillo

Is anyone listening? An assessment of stakeholder valuation of an organization’s architecture of listening, Nathan L. Gallahan

Eat the Poor, Angelica Garcia-Macias

Evaluation of the use of contact-liquid copper, systemic, and sodium bicarbonate fungicides for the treatment of red raspberry spur blight, Courtney Graham, Ashley Kelley, and Cole Sherwood

Machismo, Marianismo, and The Ethics of Care., Alexis Lisandro Guizar-Diaz

(Re)Conceptualizing Rent, Elijah C. Hansen

Endolysins as a novel acne medication - Social media campaign and Competition Composition, Samual J. Hatfield and Rochell M. Hatfield

Can Plant-Pollinator Networks be used as a Tool in Palouse Prairie Restoration?, Emma Hoskins

The Miasma Around Us and the Katharsis Within, Danica M. Jenck

Virulence of Drosophila C virus increased on the novel host during a host shift in Drosophila species, Katie Johnson

A Right to Choose, a Right to Know the Options: Promoting Translingual Policy in the English Composition Classroom and Throughout the University, Jennifer Grace Jussel

Evaluating the Effects of Intestinal Bacteria’s Production of GABA Neurotransmitter on an Animal Model of Multiple Sclerosis, Hannah M. Kohl

The Marketization of Knowledge by Neoliberalism and its Influence on Higher Education, Kyle Austin Kostelecky

Numerical Analysis of Compressive Residual Stresses due to Shot Peening, Elizabeth A. McLean

Accessible Extensive Reading for Japanese Language Learners, Kiegan Odell

Palouse Prairie Community Assessment to Inform Large-Scale Restoration at Eastern Washington University, Erik E. Peterson

Oral Farnesol Administration Protects Against Inflammatory Demyelination, Christina Ramelow, Lacey B. Sell, Kevin D. Strawn, Jasleen Bains, Kristina Hoffman, William Doyle, Teresa Hevrin, Trevor O. Kirby, K. Michael Gibson, Eric Abbey, Jean-Baptiste Roullet, and Javier Ochoa-Reparaz

Differentiating the effects of two invasive fish on native invertebrates of Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, Sarah Richardson

The Natural Fallacy and Cultural Shifts: A Response to Contemporary Interpersonal Failings, Jesse Rinderneck

North Fork Deep Creek Watershed (Stevens County, Washington): A proposed assessment of the sources and fates of sediment and nutrients, Ronald E. Scerbicke

Fatigue Analysis of 3D Printed Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with different Layup Orientations, Samuel Robert Schneider and Nicholas Blair

Tick Density Modelling and Detection of Rickettsia rickettsii in Adult Dermacentor spp. Ticks in Spokane County, Ben Thompson

Single Electron Oxidation Monitored with NMR, James L. Yates