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The question on whether on fluoride should be added to consumable products has already been a topic of discussion; one criticism that has been offered to the use of fluoride is the incidence of dental fluorosis. Dental fluorosis is when the enamel has, in its mild forms, either visible white spots, flecks, or streaks. Dental fluorosis is caused by the overconsumption of fluoride during the developmental stage of the permanent tooth’s enamel. The fluoride that can cause this can come from multiple sources, including such sources as drinking water (either naturally occurring or as an additive), dental products that contain fluoride (toothpaste, mouthwash), or other beverages with water added to them (like fruit juice or soda). Through a review of the literature surrounding dental fluorosis and fluoride, it is suggested that fluoride should remain in consumable products as it helps strengthen teeth in general. However, parents should being careful to monitor the amount of fluoride a child consumes until their permanent teeth have all fully erupted to avoid dental fluorosis.


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