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Martin Meraz Garcia

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Chicano Education


This paper focuses on Chicana/os who are hearing impaired and the struggles they face. This research project will address the different styles of sign language and different kinds and levels of hearing loss. Using peer review sources I provide statistics on the number of Chicana/os in the United States with hearing disabilities and narrow it down to the number of Deaf Chicana/os in Washington state. In this paper I will address the additional challenges faced by deaf Chicana/os as they attempt to communicate with their families who only speak Spanish; most of the time a sibling is compelled to learn sign language and become their personal interpreters, which brings it own sets of challenges. This paper also addresses the high demand that exist for trilingual interpreters. Finally, this paper address the challenges Chicana/os Latina/os face in acquiring an insurance the properly covers the needs of the hearing impaired in their community.

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