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Message from the President; Smokejumper Defines a Smokejumper; The 2017 Lolo Peak Fire-and Others-They Didn't Have to Happen; In the Shadows of Tora Bora; The Jump List; Jack Price Feature Member; Forest Fire Mitigation and the Potential Profits Involved; "Rosie"; Odds and Ends; Early Redding Smokejumper Days; End of an Era-Not So Fast Partner, Smokejumpers Buy Their Base!; Blast from the Past; Some of a Smokejumper's Stories; First Fire Jump; Snapshots from the Past; Achieving Resilient Forests Through Effective Biomass Uses: Part III; Sounding Off from the Editor; Cuisine of an Idaho Fire Lookout; Smokejumpers Honored, Recognized by Peers; A Short Story about Margarita Phillips; Continued Hiring Problems; Remembering Rich Farmer; The Story of Frank Derry, Inventor of the "Derry Slot"; Final Chapter-Edward J. Weissenback; Off the List; Get a life membership? I Probably Won't Live Long Enough to Make It Pay Off; Joe Kroeber Selected as 2018 TRAMPS Volunteer of the Year; NSA Trails Project New Mexico-August 2018; Thank You Trooper Tom;




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