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Bradshaw, 86, died May 28, 2008, in Falls Township, Pennsylvania. He was a ninth generation Quaker dating back to a 1685 purchase of land from William Penn by his ancestors. Throughout his early years he was involved in work with minority groups and the poor. He entered Guilford College in North Carolina in 1941 where he played football and was V.P. of the freshman class. "The tough football players were hostile and bigoted toward other conscientious objectors but remained friendly to me." Brad reported to the CPS-103 smokejumper unit in 1944. An injury on a winter work crew prevented him from jumping the 1945 season which he spent as a lookout. In 1946 he worked four trips to Europe on the relief boats to Poland and Germany. He was also active in the American Friends Service relief efforts in Finland. He graduated from Guilford College in 1948 with a bachelor's degree and later with a master's in History from Haverford College. Brad moved back to the family farm and developed his family's tree and nursery business. "Thirty-seven years later Snipes Farm and Nursery is rated among the top 100 garden centers in the U.S." He was President of the Pennsylvania Nurseryman's Association in 1989.



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June 2008


Smokejumping; Smokejumpers -- United States; National Smokejumper Association; Wildfire fighters; Obituaries


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Smokejumper Obituary: Snipes, Bradshaw (Missoula 1944)