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Martin Meraz Garcia

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Chicano Education


The purpose of this research is to discover the underlying issues that Chicano children have in the American education system. The idea is to emphasis the importance of a good educational backing for all students, giving an equal opportunity to students of all ethnicity. The research will look at the work of Barbara Schhneider, Sylvia Martinez, and Ann Ownes and the idea of economic and social resource disadvantages that Mexican Americans have. This paper will also look at how the home language of immigrant parents affects the learning of adolescence in the American school system. In addition, the research will look at the effect a teachers relationship with a Chicano student has on their success in the classroom. By looking at all these factors, the end goal of the research is to discover why only eleven percent of Mexican American students over the age of twenty-five have a college bachelor's degree (Schhneider 2006).