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Martin Meraz Garcia

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Chicano Education


As of 2014, Latinx have accounted for more than half of the United States population. Additionally, the number of Latinx students pursuing higher education is increasing across the country, yet these students have also shown to be the highest in not completing their degrees. Currently, there is much research on the challenges that Latinx first-generation students face in pursuing higher education but limited on the motivation to pursue and stay in college. This work explores what keeps Latinx driven to continue their education despite the challenges experienced. Factors such as college knowledge and adjustment to college will be addressed in this paper as well as the significant role of familismo which can play an important role in academic resilience but has also been indicated to cause stress among Latinx students. The aim of this investigation is to understand the aforementioned challenges of first generation Latinx students in higher education experience. Through peer-reviewed articles the information will be analyzed to better understand this phenomena.