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Martin Meraz Garcia

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Chicano Education


In this paper I will be discussing how Hispanic children are affected by their parents documented status, deportation, and how it can affect them physically and mentally. Studies have shown that children who live in a household where at least one of their parents is undocumented don’t do well in school and are even less likely to graduate from high school (Luis H. Zayas, Lauren E. Gulbas). These children don’t feel secure because of raids that occur and laws that are passed that make it really hard for undocumented people to have a stable life which also affects them economically putting them in poverty (Sandy P. Rubio-Hernandez, Cecilia Ayon). This paper highlights the impact anti-immigration policies have on Latina/o’s children. Drawing on peer review journal articles and scholarly sources, this paper points to the trauma experienced by Latina/o children whose parents or legal guardians have been deported and what schools and communities where deportations have taken place can do to diminish the negative impact of these anti-immigration actions.

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