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Martin Meraz Garcia

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Chicano Education


In recent years the United States has witnessed an unprecedented rate of growth in the number of Latino-Owned Business’s, LOB’s, which has dramatically boosted the US Economy. However, while the number of LOB’s has increased, the sizes of these individual businesses hasn’t, growing at a rate that’s half the national average and leaving trillions of dollars and countless jobs out of reach. In search for a solution, this research bases its information in a variety of sources including government agencies and partnerships between higher education and the LOB community, among them Stanford University and the Latino Business Action Network. Through this research this paper intends to show the advantages of a relationship between higher education and LOB’s as well as propose how such a relationship would work. As the Latino population in the US continues to grow and establish businesses, it is clear how crucial it is to the economy that LOB’s get the help they need to grow.