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June 2010


Introductions/Agenda Update/Opening Remarks.
a moment of silence in memory of and tribute to Jon McBride.
current events and developments regarding fire use, wilderness fire, and overall smokejumper numbers.
current efforts to identify and evaluate new smokejumper aircraft. There are very few viable, newer, affordable jumpship possibilities.
NSA Reunion Schedule of Events.
Minutes from our last meeting on October 8-9, 2009 in Boise, Idaho were approved.
Membership Report.
Review/Update of short term goals(1-3 years) for the NSA.
NSA's Long Term Goals were developed at our last BOD meeting in Boise. The discussion revolved around reaffirming those goals and the development of actions to achieve the goals.
NSA Board of Directors Succession Planning.
Trails program.
What does the board need in terms of membership diversity and succession planning?.
Treasurer's Report.
Fire/Aviation News and Update.
Investment Report.
Trail Maintenance.
History update.
Next meeting.
ACTION ITEMS from Redding, CA meeting.
ACTION ITEMS from Spokane meeting.



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