Meeting Minutes, October 2014

National Smokejumper Association Board of Directors


Call to order, introduction to site, introductions, approval of the agenda.
Approval of previous meeting minutes.
Website Committee report.
Scholarship Committee report.
Investment Committee report.
Trails Report.
Reunion Committee report.
Reunion plans for additional history gathering.
Video interviews of smokejumpers.
Report on the Evergreen Museum and the Smokejumper display.
Recognition of Guy Hurlbutt's service.
Presentation by USFS Fire Investigator.
NSA's legal counsel.
Budget Report.
Membership Report.
Merchandise Report.
Details of Mark Urban's death.
New business.
Revisit of parachute system questions.
Fund Raising ideas.
Fire Starters.
Next meeting(s).
Evaluation of meeting and travel/lodging vouchers.