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Agenda: OLD BUSINESS; 1. Status of replacement N.S.A. seal; 2. Interest on Principal; 3. video; 4. The Mountain Lookout Assoc; 5. Conference Telephone setup; 6. Long Term Lease on Building; 7. Status of Master Rosters; 8. Information concerning bank account in Boise; 9. Status of Preparation of Letter for Russian Smokejumper Base; NEW BUSINESS; 1. Current Membership; 2. Financial Status; 3. Application for Lower Bulk-mail Rates; 4. Determination of cut-off dates for membership and renewals; 5. Discussion About Prorating Costs of Utilities; 6. Pictures Taken of Local Jumpers and Album; 7. Discussion Concerning Advertising in the Greenbook.; 8. Discussion Concerning Having Members of the 555th Parachute Infantry Join the N.S.A.; 9. New Book by Asa Mundell on C.P.S. Jumpers; 10. 1995 Reunion.; Meeting adjourned;





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