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Agenda: Opened the meeting with an introduction; Memorandum of Understanding to be entered between the NSA and the National Forest Service Museum (NFSM).; Lifetime Membership; Purchase of a new computer for the office; Location of the next National Smokejumper Reunion; Report on the Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive Center ; Next regular meeting of NSA Board of Directors is scheduled. The location will be determined later.; This Special Meeting of the NSA Board of Directors was adjourned 2110; Multiple addenda; Addenda:.; Letter September 10, 1996, from Earl Cooley, Rough draft.; Fund Raising Proposal, no date.; Memorandum of Understanding, signed September 16, 1996: between NSA and the National Forest Service Museum.; Memo, September 21, 1996: Enclosures.; Memo, October 16, 1996: Earl Cooley's Suggestions - "NSA Organization 9/10/96".; Letter, October 16, 1996: To Earl Cooley.; Memo, January 17, 1997: General.; Memo, January 28, 1997: 14th Newsletter.; Memo, February 14, 1997: General.;





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