Meeting Minutes, April 1997

National Smokejumper Association Board of Directors


Agenda: Minutes from last meeting.; Minutes of Special Board meeting of Sept, 1996.; Computer purchase.; Email address, website & domain name.; MMF & NSA relationship.; NFSM & NSA construction of common facility.; 1996 Treasurers Report.; Lifetime membership gifts.; Office topics.; Report on Francis Lufkin, former Board member.; Special Recognitions.; Return to Office topics.; Membership Report.; Newsletter Report.; Fund Raising, knife membership & Ruana knifes as gifts to new Lifetime members.; Sales of Smokejumper related books.; Wilderness tripes.; NSA membership purchase in the National Museum Association.; Visitor logs at Nine Mile Interpretive site.; Smokejumper Video.; Board and committee movements.; Bylaw review & Montana law.; Board openings.; Further Board adjustments.; Possible Redding 2000 reunion.; Smokejumper Hall of Fame.; Certificate of appreciation.; Survey proposal.; Letter to the board read. NSA officers.; Newsletter Editor to exec Committee.; Next Board meeting, Apr 1998.; Budget for following year approval vote.; Adjournment.;