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Agenda: Meeting Was Called To Order; Minutes; Membership; Treasurers Report; Old Business; Life Members, Plaques And Ruana Knives Have Been Received; Adopt-a-highway Program; New List Of Officers And Other Board Members; New Business; Problems That The Nsa Is Having In Getting The Detail Work Done; Soliciting Members To Consider The Nsa In Estate Planning And In Choosing Insurance Beneficiaries; 1. Linking Web Pages With The Web Pages From Other Smokejumper Bases And Other Forest Related Agencies; 2. Phone-a-thons To Increase Memberships; 3. Mini Reunions; 4. Adopt-a-trail Program In Which A Group Of Former Jumpers Would Take Over The Maintenance Of One Or More Of The Trails; 5. Cruise ; 6. Membership Polled; Next Reunion; Not Too Early To Start Making Preparations For The Next Annual Board Meeting; Next Meeting Delayed A Week; Meeting Was Adjourned;





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