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Agenda: The CEO of the National Association of Forest Service Retirees (NAFSR) was introduced.; The minutes of the last BOD meeting and email votes since that meeting were briefly reviewed and then approved.; USFS & BLM Fire Ops leadership briefing with Q&A opportunity.; Website Committee report.; Trail website report with Q&A.; Annual Meeting commences.; Welcome and introductions.; Treasurer's report.; Membership report.; Election of Board Members.; Missoula Jumper Reunion planning for 2013.; Magazine and merchandising report.; Trail Report.; Scholarship Committee report.; Staffing for NSA needs.; Investment Review.; Financial future roadmap - tabled.; Report on Good Samaritan Fund guidelines.; Reimbursement of BOD travel expenses.; Unofficial NSA Face book page and its removal.; KING TV use of copyright materials.; General discussion of a reunion in 2015.; Suggestions for up-dates from BLM and USFS leadership.; Set future meeting dates and locations.; Evaluation of the meeting.; Next meeting: Discuss a replacement for Longley-historian position.; Meeting adjourned.;





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