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March 2013


The CEO of the National Association of Forest Service Retirees (NAFSR) was introduced.
The minutes of the last BOD meeting and email votes since that meeting were briefly reviewed and then approved.
USFS & BLM Fire Ops leadership briefing with Q&A opportunity.
Website Committee report.
Trail website report with Q&A.
Annual Meeting commences.
Welcome and introductions.
Treasurer's report.
Membership report.
Election of Board Members.
Missoula Jumper Reunion planning for 2013.
Magazine and merchandising report.
Trail Report.
Scholarship Committee report.
Staffing for NSA needs.
Investment Review.
Financial future roadmap - tabled.
Report on Good Samaritan Fund guidelines.
Reimbursement of BOD travel expenses.
Unofficial NSA Face book page and its removal.
KING TV use of copyright materials.
General discussion of a reunion in 2015.
Suggestions for up-dates from BLM and USFS leadership.
Set future meeting dates and locations.
Evaluation of the meeting.
Next meeting: Discuss a replacement for Longley-historian position.
Meeting adjourned.



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