Meeting Minutes, March 2016

National Smokejumper Association Board of Directors


Call to order.
Introduction to site.
Approval of the agenda.
Approval of previous meeting minutes.
Scholarship program update.
Report on 2015 Trails Program.
USFS Historic Preservation.
NSA website Photo Gallery.
Historic preservation options with UM's Mansfield Library.
Traveling Smokejumper display.
Membership Report.
Website Committee update.
Discussion with Roger Staats, National FS Smokejumper Program Manager and Jim Raudenbush, BLM.
Budget Report of 2015-16 1St quarter Budget.
Investment Committee report.
Merchandise report-future.
Report on Directors & Officer Liability Insurance.
Oct 19-20, 2016 Proposed date for Seattle meeting.
PTSD/Suicide. Accumulated fatigue issue for wildland fire fighters.
Wildland Firefighters Foundation museum/interpretive center .
Evening Social March 23, 2016.
rehab and interference from ecology groups.
Strategic Planning.
Develop Historic preservation plan.
Future of association.
Mobile App development.
Facebook site still up.
Add hit list/site map to magazines for web site.
Add info each month in small box regarding donations.
Add younger member to board.
Discussion regarding succession of president.
Succession for Roger.
Unfinished business - Doug Houston update.
New business.
Next meeting - Seattle, WA.
Other - interact with Burk regarding feasibility study. Corporate sponsors?.
Evaluation of meeting and travel/lodging vouchers.
Adjourn 9:30 am.