Meeting Minutes, October 1993

National Smokejumper Association Executive Committee


1. N.S.A. Seal
2. Smokejumper Video
3. Conference Telephone Calls
4. Status of Master Rosters
5. Bank Account in Boise
6. Status of lst Newsletters
7. Letter to Russian Smokejumper Base
8. Membership Renewal Dates
9. Interest on Principal and Investment of Funds
Long Term Lease Between Earl and NSA
10. Reduced Bulk-Mail Rates
12. Asa Mundell's Book
13. 555th Parachute Infantry Assoc. and Membership
1. George Cross' Visit During
Honorary Memberships
2. Current Membership
3. Current Financial Status
4. 1995 Reunion
5. Master Roster
6. National Forest Service Museum and Recent Meeting
7. Heritage of Flight
8. 2 Trimotors Sitting at Caldwell, Idaho
9. Downed Aircraft in Montana and Idaho
10. Information and Material Received from Jason Greenlee
11. Second Newsletter and Ideas of What Should be Included