Meeting Minutes, March 1996

National Smokejumper Association Board of Directors


Outline of agenda.
Minutes of last meeting read.
Treasurers report.
Report to IRS on Reunion update.
Discussion & recommendation on NFSM & MMF museums and NSA alliance.
NSA office space.
NSA fund raising including discussion of documentary, and other avenues.
NSA membership dues increase, life and charter memberships.
Membership numbers.
Organization growth/needs and considerations.
Possible Executive director position & Secretary position discussed.
Stipends for NSA office and travel.
Bylaws reviewed. Review of past years activities.
Nominations for Board of Directors.
Reunion 2000.
Election of officers.
Donation of 200 signed copies of Earl Cooley's book Trimotor and Trail discussed as fund raiser for museum projects.
Next meeting date set.