Meeting Minutes, September 1996

National Smokejumper Association Board of Directors


Memorandum of understanding between the NSA and the NFSM.
Lifetime Membership.
Purchase of a new computer for the NSA office.
Location of next National Smokejumper Reunion.
Report on the Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive Center.
Next meeting of the Board of Directors reminder.
Meeting adjourned.
NSA Lifetime Membership rough draft proposal.
Letter September 10, 1996, from Earl Cooley, Rough draft.
Fund Raising Proposal, no date.
Memorandum of Understanding, signed September 16, 1996: between NSA and the National Forest Service Museum.
Memo, September 21, 1996: Enclosures.
Memo, October 16, 1996: Earl Cooley's Suggestions - "NSA Organization 9/10/96".
Letter, October 16, 1996: To Earl Cooley.
Memo, January 17, 1997: General.
Memo, January 28, 1997: 14th Newsletter.
Memo, February 14, 1997: General.