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Publication Date

April 1997


Minutes from last meeting.
Minutes of Special Board meeting of Sept, 1996.
Computer purchase.
Email address, website & domain name.
MMF & NSA relationship.
NFSM & NSA construction of common facility.
1996 Treasurers Report.
Lifetime membership gifts.
Office topics.
Report on Francis Lufkin, former Board member.
Special Recognitions.
Return to Office topics.
Membership Report.
Newsletter Report.
Fund Raising, knife membership & Ruana knifes as gifts to new Lifetime members.
Sales of Smokejumper related books.
Wilderness tripes.
NSA membership purchase in the National Museum Association.
Visitor logs at Nine Mile Interpretive site.
Smokejumper Video.
Board and committee movements.
Bylaw review & Montana law.
Board openings.
Further Board adjustments.
Possible Redding 2000 reunion.
Smokejumper Hall of Fame.
Certificate of appreciation.
Survey proposal.
Letter to the board read. NSA officers.
Newsletter Editor to exec Committee.
Next Board meeting, Apr 1998.
Budget for following year approval vote.



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