Meeting Minutes, July 1998

National Smokejumper Association Executive Committee


Minutes from 9 Jun 98.
Treasurer's Report: Missing checks from video fund.
Membership: addition of the Triple Nickel jumpers.
Old Business: delay editing of minutes from annual meeting to August.
A breakdown of the products sold at the McCall reunion.
Sale items on the web page.
NFSM request for NSA members list.
Problem of the Director election.
New Business: renaming of the Winthrop airport to honor Francis Lufkin.
The Hall of Fame proposal.
Beechcraft aircraft donated to MMF.
NSA changing Web Page providers.
Use of video from video project on website.
Upgrading to Windows 95 or 98.
News letter was being delayed one week.
Discussed the need for more interaction between the NSA and the various bases.