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August 1998


Minutes: copies of 14 Jul 98 executive committee meeting.
Treasurers Report: Video fund in depth.
Measures taken to balance the record of money taken in with deposited to the Video Fund account.
Membership: large increase over last month's figure due to addition of 1998 rookies and over 100 of the Triple Nickel jumpers from 1945.
Old Business: proposals on membership.
Collecting money through affiliate memberships.
Delay in discussion of the minutes of the Annual Meeting.
NSA returned to the original provider.
Video Committee update.
Use of some government equipment without authorization.
New Business: expanding merchandise sales.
Discussion on obtaining better quarters.
Membership cross referenced dat.
Other Business: volunteer to assist with memberships.
Volunteer trail maintenance program.
Set the date for the next executive committee meeting for 8_Sep 1998.



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