Meeting Minutes, October 1998

National Smokejumper Association Executive Committee


Minutes: minutes of the 08 Sep 98 meeting.
Treasurer's Report: an accountant review the NSA accounts and that she was satisfied with their accuracy.
The NSA is over budget.
Another case of a Life Member not received his plaque.
Membership: increase in the data base came from a search of the old jump records at the Aerial Fire Depot in Missoula.
Old Business: control NSA has on the final video production in question.
Web Site is now getting 50 to 100 hits per day.
New Business: commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Mann Gulch fire.
Discussed the possibility of NSA becoming involved in the sale of the Janoff paintings.
What information should be made available on Web site.
A need for a brochure is expressed.
Corporate sponsorship.
A request for a memorial.
Request that the November meeting be delayed one week.