Meeting Minutes, February 1999

National Smokejumper Association Executive Committee


Minutes: minutes of the executive committee meeting held 01/l2/99.
corrections were called for and made.
Treasurer's Report: for the month of January.
How multiple year memberships would be handled.
Membership: total count was not significantly.
Old business: Gidlund report tabled.
Drop the idea of inviting base managers to attend the April directors meeting.
Move the date of the annual meeting from the Friday, 9 April to Saturday 10 April. NSA brochure.
New Business: handed out document titled "The Death of Smokejumping".
Adopt-A-Highway obligation.
Newsletter cover other bases at NSA expense to collect information and pictures.
E-mail addresses and years jumped was being added to the Web site.
Next executive committee meeting for 9 Mar 1999.