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The digital images were donated to Eastern Washington University Libraries by the National Smokejumper Association.

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Images were received as JPEGs. The EWU Archives and Special Collections cropped the photographs, performed color corrections, and added smokejumper names, base name, and logo in Adobe Photoshop.


A group picture of the crew for the Redding Smokejumper Base.

Back Row: Jo Jo, Scott Salisberry, Bob Bente, Dan Ogden, Josh Mathiesen, John Barker, Shannon Orr, Steve Franke, Ron Omont (indoor), Scott Brockman, Dan Hernandez, Leon Scott, Eric Klump, Ken Perkins, Tim Quigley, Andy Thorne, Dan McCarthy, (pilots on plane) Rick Haehnel, Ken Milward

Middle Row: (kneeling) Al Foley, Luis Gomez, Barry Layton, Dennis Terry, John Decker, Brian Miller, Bob Harris, Dana Lucas, Bob Richardson, Mark Lane, Arlen Cravens, Dennis Golik, Rick Haagenson

Front Row:(sitting)Tim Huntington,Rich Zimmerlee,Dawson Kelsey, Frank Goodson ,Ed Forrester, Joe Don Morton, Tim Dolan, Shane Roach, Jeff Johnson Not Shown: NormBaker, Jacob Brollier, Warren Holmes, Karl Johnson, Stan Kubota, Steve Murphy, Don Sand, Jerry Spence, Gordon Woodhead, Bob Reid


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