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A group portrait of the crew for the McCall Smokejumper base.

1. Paul Bradley, 2. Tom Decker, 3. Clarence Teichert, 4. Thad Duel, 5. Horace Cordova, 6. Del Catlin, 7. Dale Carlson, 8. Neil Satterwhite, 9. Clarence Greet, 10. Carl Brown, 11. Marion Horton, 12. Bruce Montgomery, 13. Frank Odom, 14. Jon Petterson, 15. Bill Bull, 16. Ray Roark, 17. Bruce Yergenson, 18. James (Smokey) Stover, 19. Jim Tracy, 20. Dick Lynch, 21. Ron Berkey, 22. Ron Maki, 23. Bill Rember, 24. Tom Chiprany, 25. Julio Bilbao, 26. Mike Kohlhoff, 27. Bill Strawn, 28. Bill Yensen, 29. Jim Swartley, 30. Jim Rush, 31. Gary Watts, 32. Sam Defler, 33. Jim Weaver, 34. Wayne Sugg, 35. Howard Koskello, 36. Bruce Granquist, 37. Nick Kennedy, 38. Ben McBride, 39. Pete Fallini, 40. Gene Hobbs, 41. Vaughn Heinrich, 42. Jim Lafferty, 43. John Mowery, 44. Dale Schmaljohn, 45. Dave Austin, 46. Les Rosenkrance, 47. Dick Graham, 48. C.J. Horner, 49. Stan Ramsey, 50. Gerry McCray, 51. Jerry Blattner, 52. Jim Lindell, 53. Ken Smith, 54. Ken Salyer, 55. Wayne Webb.

Missing: Max Allen, Harry Clark, John Cramer, Jim Crockett, Craig DeSilvia, Gordon Dickinson, Bill Donnelley, Allan Graham, Ed Guy, Charles Hay, Dave Hemry, Terry Lewton, Larry Looney, Bob Moloney, John Seagraves, Layton Smith.


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