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The original is at the Alaska Smokejumper Base at Fort Wainrwight, Alaska. Digital photographs of the photoboard were donated to Eastern Washington University by the National Smokejumper Association for the purpose of posting online.

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Portraits of smokejumpers from the Alaska smokejumper base. The jumpers are:

Row 1: Matt Allen, Rob Allen, Gary Baumgartner, David Bloemker, Mike Bradley, Charlie Brown, Doug Carroll, Greg Conaway

Row 2: Matt Corley, Bill Cramer, Jeff Cramer, Mitch Decoteau, Jim Dibert, John Dibert, Ben Dobrovolny, Jason Dollard

Row 3:Randy Foland, Bruce Ford, T.J. Gholson, Quint Gidley, Frank Goodson, Dave Hade, Pete Hearn, Scott Hockland

Row 4:Chip Houde, Ty Humphrey, Wally Humphries, Jason Jordet, Jon Kawczynski, Tom Kubichek, Mike Lambright, Jon Larson

Row 5: Paul Lenmark, Dorsey Lightner, Gabe Lydic, John Lyons, Doug Mackey, Tony Marchini, Paul McGuire, Mike McMillan

Row 6: Jeff McPhetridge, Marty Meierotto, Bert Mitman, Joe Don Morton, Bruce Nelson, Mike O’Brien, Andy Parsons, Tony Pastro

Row 7: Derek Patton, Branden Petersen, Sean Phillips, Ryan Ringe, Tom Roach, Dalan Romero, Bob Schober, Oded Shalom

Row 8: Kip Shields, Chris Silks, Ivan Smith, Jeff Stark, Tom St. Clair, Pete Stephenson, Chris Swisher, Mel Tenneson

Row 9: Steve Theisen, Rick Thompson, Jim Veitch, Jay Wattenbarger, Jared Weber, Alfred “Togie” Wiehl, Robert Yeager


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