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The original is at the Alaska Smokejumper Base at Fort Wainrwight, Alaska. Digital photographs of the photoboard were donated to Eastern Washington University by the National Smokejumper Association for the purpose of posting online.

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Portraits of smokejumpers from the Alaska smokejumper base. The jumpers are:

Row 1: Lisa Allen, Matt Allen, Robert Allen, Robert Allen, Gary Baumgartner, Gary Baumgartner, Scott Beninati, David Bloemker, David Bloemker, Kurt Borch, Kurt Borch

Row 2: Michael Bradley, Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, Doug Carroll, Doug Carroll, Greg Conaway, Greg Conaway, Matt Corley, Bill Cramer, Bill Cramer, Bill Cramer

Row 3: Jeff Cramer, Jim Dibert, Jim Dibert, Jim Dibert, John Dibert, Ben Dobrovolny, Ben Dobrovolny, Ben Dobrovolny, Ian Dooley, Kris Dudley, Kris Dudley

Row 4: Amy Duning-Sampson, Amy Duning-Sampson, Eric Duning, Eric Duning,Brett Fairchild, Brett Fairchild, Isaiah Fischer, Isaiah Fischer, John Fremont, Bram Granger, Bram Granger

Row 5: Bram Granger, Dave Hade, Dave Hade, Scott Hampton, Heath Hoerdeman, Heath Hoerdeman, Heath Hoerdeman, Kristin Hostetler, Kristin Hostetler, Kristin Hostetler, Wally Humphries

Row 6: Jamerson Kane, Evan Karp, Evan Karp, Dawson Kelsey, JP Knapp, JP Knapp, JP Knapp, Brandon Kobayashi, Brandon Kobayashi, Tom Kubichek, Tom Kubichek

Row 7: Tom Kubichek, Chris Lord, Gabe Lydic, Gabe Lydic, Doug Mackey, Tony Marchini, Gabe Mason, Gabe Mason, Gabe Mason, Mike McMillan, Mike McMillan

Row 8: Jeff McPhetridge, Porter McQueary, Porter McQueary, Marty Meierotto, Marty Meierotto, Marty Meierotto, Rob Miller, Joe Don Morton, Joe Don Morton, Michael O’Brien, Michael O’Brien

Row 9: Matt Oakleaf, Matt Oakleaf, Tony Pastro, Tony Pastro, Tony Pastro, Derek Patton, Derek Patton, Branden Petersen, Brandon Petersen, Chad Rice, Ward Scanson

Row 10: Ward Scanson, Bob Schober, Bob Schober, Jason Schroeder, Jason Schroeder, Kip Shields, Kip Shields, Aaron Schumacher, Chris Silks, Chris Silks, Chris Silks

Row 11: Ivan Smith, Ivan Smith, Jeff Stark, Jeff Stark, Chris Swish, Rick Thomspon, Rick Thompson, Jay Wattenbarger, Jay Wattenbarger, Jared Weber, Jared Weber

Row 12: Jared Weber, Chris Wennogle, Chris Wennogle, Aaron Worley, Aaron Worley, Graham Hood-Worley, Graham Hood-Worley, Robert Yeager, Robert Yeager, Tamar Young


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