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The original is at the Alaska Smokejumper Base at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Digital photographs of the photoboard were donated to Eastern Washington University by the National Smokejumper Association for the purpose of posting online.

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Portraits of smokejumpers from the Alaska smokejumper base. The jumpers are Rod Dow, Alan Dunton, Gordie Hensen, Gary Ricketts, Lynn Smith, Murray Lawson, John Dube, Tom Hilliard, Jim Veitch, Mike Coppin, Jim McGehee, Bill Harro, Gary Granquist, Gary Johnson, Bill Recinos, Milford Preston, Al Wruck, Phil Perkins, Tom Emerson, Mike House, Gene Bortell, Mat Kelley, Mike Bordelon, Mike Silva, Eric Schoenfield, Brian Stemm, Jimmy Pearce, Jerry Dixon, Mike Clarkson, Todd Trantham, Murray Taylor, Dave Dunn, Steve Nemore, Don, Tienhaara, Larry Vanderlinden, Craig Burns, Ron Lund, George Rainey, Dave Grendahl, Jim Clairmont, John Wallack, Dave Stephens, Skip Scott, Scott Bates, Davis Perkins, Bert Mitman, Don Bell, George Steele, Scott Fairchild, Dave Mellia, Randy Cribbs, Dean Johnson, Paul Sulinski, Buck M'Coy, Rob Collins, Brian Fitzsimmons, Bob Quillan, Bobby Karr, Gary McMurtrey, Dave Pierce, Craig Herrin, George Smith, John Rakowski, Sam Houston, Brian Conger, and Larry Hyde. The portraits were pieced together using Adobe Photoshop from portraits taken of a larger photo board delivered by Mike McMillan of the National Smokejumper Association. The arrangement of photographs may differ from the original.


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