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The original is at the Alaska Smokejumper Base at Fort Wainrwight, Alaska. Digital photographs of the photoboard were donated to Eastern Washington University by the National Smokejumper Association for the purpose of posting online.

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Potraits of smokejumpers from the Alaska smokejumper base. The jumpers are Orville Looper, Steven Daniels, Ronald Rockwell, Larry Vincent, Carl Pearson, Lawrence Brown, Philip Clarke, John Koester, James Boa, Howard Forsythe, Max Kees, Daniel Lynch, William Shears, Carl Neufelder, Norman Hill, Lowell King, David Ames, Holtet, Roy Percival, Horace Cordova, James Hodges, Richard Malchow, Newell Burya, Richard Simons, Gideon Newton, Lee Lipscomb, John Carr, Nicholas Newman, Joel Beaudin, Karl Seethaler, James Black, Cecil Riffe, Thomas Butler, Dennis Pearson, John Lewis, Gene DeBruin, Lee Gossett, Walt Vennum, Cecil Hicks, Philip Beardslee, Pete Wagner, Larry Welch, Louis Banta, Thomas Crane, Oliver Stanton, and Larry Haffner. The portraits were pieced together using Adobe Photoshop from portaits taken of a larger photo board delivered by Mike McMillian of the National Smokejumper Association. The arrangement of photographs may differ from the original.


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