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The digital images were donated to Eastern Washington University Libraries by the National Smokejumper Association.

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A group portrait of the Smokejumper crew for the Redmond Smokejumper Base. The names of all of the crew members have been added below the portrait. Back Row (L-R): Ray Rubio (spotter), Mike Jackson (operations foreman), Hazel Hammond (pilot), Brandon Coville (squad leader), Tony Loughton (spotter), Howard McGuire, Dirk Stevens (assist. loft manager), Josh Cantrell (squad leader), Don Bell (pilot), Tommy Parker, Josh Voshall, Sean Wishart, Doug Kastner (pilot), Jeff Robinson (loft manager), Marcel Potvin, Bill Selby (base manager), Eric Schilling (pilot), Gary Atteberry (spotter), Greg House (pilot), Mitch Kearns (assist. ops. manager). Middle Row (L-R): Mark Hentze, Bjorn Skovlin, Jason Barber, Ralph Sweeney, Craig Hingley, Heidi Bunkers, Ben Bell, Doug Smith, Bruce Card, Mat Mendonca (name mispelled), Peter Hammett, Geoff Schultz (name mispelled), Aaron Skillings, Tony Johnson (training manager), Tony Sleznick (squad leader). Bottom Row (L-R): (rookies) Casey Kuska, Nate Robinson, Erin Springer, Chris Hinnenkamp, Jarod Russell, Jacob Welsh, Katie Scheer, Matt Britt, Jesse Haury. Not pictured: Rob Rosetti (squad leader), Johah Gladney, Ryan Koch (squad leader), Mark Gibbons (assist. training manager), Tye Taber, Jim Hansen (squad leader), J9 Faulkner, Dave Keller, Justin Wood, Aaron Olmos, Nolan Brewer (rookie), Nate Silva (rookie).


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