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Master of Science (MS) in Psychology: Clinical



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Susan Ruby

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Ryan Sain

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Kevin Hills


"Research has shown that integration of Assistive Technology (AT) in the educational environment is minimal but can offer life-changing benefits. My study explores the obstacles of AT and the relationship between acceptability of AT and student quality of life as well as individual self-reported academic success. I surveyed two existing groups of students at a regional comprehensive university. The first group is receiving assistance through instruction and tutoring services. The second group is receiving support to pursue future doctoral studies. Participants provided self-report of their academic strengths and challenges, acceptability of AT, and quality of life. I offered participants multiple opportunities to learn about and engage in different types of AT. Types of AT offered included: Read and Write Gold 10 (2013 Texthelp Ltd, 2013) Grammarly (Grammarly, Inc., 2013), and Dragon Naturally Speaking (Nuance Communications, Inc., 2012-2013). I predicted that higher self-reported academic challenges would increase acceptability towards AT and decrease self-reported quality of life. I also predicted that students with higher GPA would be less accepting to AT interventions. I found that there was no correlation between GPA and acceptability of AT or self-reported academic struggles and acceptability of AT. I did however find a significant negative correlation between quality of life and self-reported academic challenges."


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