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Master of Arts (MA) in English: Teaching English as a Second Language




"The purpose of this thesis report is to document the research, development, and analysis of the Global Citizen Award and its introduction, pilot, assessment, and revision as a cunicular component of Asia University America Program at Eastern Washington University. The Global Citizen Award is a merit-based and optional award for students who meet various criteria while attending the five-month study abroad program from Asia University in Tokyo, Japan. The thesis includes background and context for the award, including history and philosophy of the stake-holding institutions such as Asia University and Asia University America Program. This report includes an extensive review of literature, both foundational and contemporary, to reveal and contextualize the various factors that inspired the creation of the Global Citizen Award for Asia University America Program (AUAP) at Eastern Washington University. The primary researcher discusses the research methodology employed, framed in the epistemology of constructivist grounded theory operating through critical ethnography. Data analysis is qualitative in the form of participant-observer reports and analysis of student reflective writing samples."--Document.


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