Date of Award

Spring 2018


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June 2019

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Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science


Computer Science


This thesis applies the recent trends in parallel processing, via graphics processing unit (GPU), to the field of molecular communications (MC), an investigation into communication possibilities of futuristic in vivo nanomachines. Existing MC simulations have not fully accounted for structural boundaries and the associated simulation of a massive number of messenger molecule paths for stochastic evaluation. These molecules are influenced by a Brownian motion as well as the flow of the blood, which is modeled using numerical methods based on the Fokker-Planck stochastic differential equation. By using a GPU these paths can be calculated on a massive scale, both in the number of simulated paths, and the number of time steps. The use of a GPU also allows for other obstacles and complications to be added to the path of those molecules in future works. This study should enable and expedite existing as well as future study in the MC field.