Date of Award

Spring 2017


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Master of Science (MS) in Communications


Communication Studies


The consumption of romance novels is vast, far leading the literary industry, with millennial readers being the second largest consumer group. Similarly, we continue to see an ever-increasing embrace of feminist ideology, even if that does not always translate to self-identifying as feminists. This paper seeks to examine the interrelationship between these two popular parts of American culture, with particular regard to the millennial generation. This research is a quantitative analysis of participants that either identify as feminists or have, either in the past or currently, read romance novels, and their thoughts on the intersection of these two things. The survey involved 135 participants aged 18-29 primarily came from the Northwest area of the United States. The research found that overall, a majority of millennial consumers that identify as feminists also feel that romance novels do embody feminist ideals. Implications from the results of this research can be used to further examine the societal and social influences of feminist theory and its impact and influence on empowering modern day men and women.