Date of Award

Spring 2017

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Master of Science (MS) in Communications


Communication Studies


The non-profit organization, Cheney Mayfest, puts on an event each year to promote the community and its local businesses. Most of the Cheney community is Eastern Washington University (EWU) students. Cheney Mayfest’s goal is to have an increase in EWU student attendance at Mayfest each year. In order to examine the best way to reach them, this study examines what motivates EWU students to attend and the barriers as to why they do not attend. Findings from this study indicate that most students do not know what Cheney Mayfest is and have not seen any marketing for the event. Understanding the different motivations and barriers for why they do not attend could help find a way to enhance the attendance of EWU students at Mayfest. This thesis seeks to identify why there is a low attendance of EWU students and whether a social media marketing plan can play a role in enhancing student attendance.

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Communication Commons