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Physical Education, Health and Recreation


"Online learning presents a major risk on our emotional and physical health, otherwise known as functional health which results in a trend away from active leisure pursuits and recreational sports and leading us towards a sedentary lifestyle (Wang, Luo, Gao, & Kong, 2012). Sedentary behavior leads to many health risks and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, one of the leading causes of death. A sedentary lifestyle is defined as someone who does not meet the minimum suggested levels of physical activity: 150 minutes of endurance training and two days of strength training a week (American College of Sports Medicine, 2011; USDHHS, 2008). The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of an online learning course on functional health. The Short Form Health Questionnaire (SF-36) was sent to two different online courses. Nine students completed the survey, resulting in 14 different significant correlations between the eight functional health categories. Strong significant correlations were found between general health and social functioning, marital status, and physical functioning. No other significant effects were found, but the results support previous research that online learning has negative effect on functional health"--Leaf iv.