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Master of Science (MS) in Communications


Communication Studies


"The development, content, and application of mission statements have been highly researched, studied, and discussed in generic terms. This case study was designed to develop and expand understanding of the mission of Downtown Spokane Partnership, rather than to generalize beyond it. Mission-focused questions were included in a communication audit conducted for Downtown Spokane Partnership [DSP], a non-profit organization [NPO] that advocates for the development of the downtown Spokane area. The study investigated perceptual differences and similarities of the DSP mission expressed by downtown business owners and DSP constituents compared to those expressed by DSP's staff and board members. The results showed that the perceptions were congruent between most constituents, but there was inconsistency in the way those inside and outside the organization understood their roles in fulfilling the mission. After identifying areas of strength and opportunities for growth, these findings were presented to Downtown Spokane Partnership to increase mission-understanding and fulfillment congruency among Employees, Board Members, and external constituents"--Leaf iv.