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"This article reviews scholarly literature about problems in critical pedagogy, pragmatic examples of implementing critical pedagogy, professional learning communities, and critical pedagogy-based curricula in new media toward proposing part of a broad solution to some of critical pedagogy's criticisms in reaching out to educators: the use of a heuristic that critical pedagogues could use to determine the accessibility in tone of curricula that they could reference to colleagues whom may not know about or otherwise avoid critical pedagogy. Under this initiative, a heuristic is developed based on a review of literature defining and characterizing critical pedagogy. This heuristic is then applied in a study of three critical pedagogy-based unit plans. The results confirm the validity of the heuristic, but the results also cast doubt on the range of its use. A positive correlation about the rate of use of keywords with positive- and negative-connotations cross­ sectioned with unit grade level suggests that the usage rate of such keywords in critical curricula declines as curricula targets earlier grade levels. This positive correlation presents a case for why this research is valuable, and it also creates a compelling case for further research"--Leaf iv.