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Master of Arts (MA) in English: Teaching English as a Second Language




"This study explores the effectiveness of the game activity, Taboo, to teach ESL vocabulary in a college-level EAP course. It is mixed-methods research, including qualitative data in the form of student journals and quantitative data in the form of student assessments. It is also action research that reflects a novice teacher's experience of adapting a game activity to make it more effective for learning academic vocabulary. The study is centered on the voices of student writers who experienced the game in their classroom and wrote about the experience in journals. A comparative quantitative assessment measured students' learning outcomes on the final exam vocabulary section that included words from the Taboo game and words taught but not included in the game. Findings suggest that the vocabulary game, Taboo, could be a useful activity to include in a college-level course for multilingual writers because students performed well on the final exam and stated that they enjoyed the three game sessions offered in class to prepare for the final exam"--Leaf iv.