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Master of Science (MS) in Psychology: Clinical



First Advisor

Amani El-Alayli

Second Advisor

Russell Kolts

Third Advisor

Wendy Repovich


"Limited research suggests that there could be a connection between narcissistic traits and heightened motivation to acquire a desirable body shape. Past research suggests that narcissistic individuals revel in their own physical appearance but no research looks at the drive these narcissistic individuals have to obtain an acceptable physical form. To examine this drive, 60 participants from a university in the Pacific Northwest were given a narcissistic trait inventory, as well as some surveys on motivations to alter their body shape towards a more desired state via methods of exercise, cosmetic surgery, or eating disorder type behaviors. It was hypothesized that individuals with higher levels of grandiose narcissistic tendencies would be more likely to utilize traditional narcissistic motivations such as competition and social recognition to alter their body shape and size. Individuals with higher levels of vulnerable narcissistic traits were predicted to be more focused on their own shape or weight concerns. Grandiose narcissists were found to be more likely to be motivated to alter their bodies because of social recognition, appearance and competition. Vulnerable narcissists were also found to be more likely to exercise for social recognition reasons but the hypothesis that they would pursue body modification based on shape or weight concerns was not supported. This study adds a new perspective on how to view individuals with either form of narcissistic personality. This and future studies could help discover implications for behaviors resulting from unhealthy or healthy body issues"--Document.


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