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Master of Science (MS) in Communications


Communication Studies


"What makes an effective leader? This question is often asked and while the specific ingredients of effective leadership may be hard to identify, the absence of effective leadership can be painfully clear. Many problems facing professionals, administrators and global leaders, indeed, those who lead in any situation, could be solved through more effective leadership strategies. The purpose of this quantitative study was to examine the relationships among the theory of Situational Leadership ® II, the DiSC® theory of behavioral dimensions and the Salovey & Mayer 1990 construct of emotional intelligence (Blanchard, P. Zigarmi, & D. Zigarmi, 1985; Inscape Publishing,1996; Salovey, & Mayer,1990) through the use of the three instruments associated with these theories, the Leader Behavior Analysis II: Self®, the Assessing Emotions Scale and the DiSC® Classic Personal Profile System® 2800. These instruments were administered through an online survey and data were used to analyze the factor structure of two instruments, possible relationships among demographic measures and scores on the instruments, and lastly, possible relationships among the three instruments. Although no statistically significant relationships were found, difference in correlations suggest further research may yield meaningful results in regard to differing levels of emotional intelligence, personality intensities and leadership styles"--Leaf iv.

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