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Physical Education, Health and Recreation


"It has been recommended that golfers perform a warm up routine before playing. Currently, the optimal warm up routine to improve performance of a maximal golf drive is not clear, however, research does recommend active-dynamic stretching as opposed to static stretching during warm up. Currently, there have been no studies conducted using recreational golfers to research functional resistance exercises towards immediate performance of golf. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of three different warm up protocols in recreational golfers on immediate golf performance of a maximal golf drive by measuring maximum club head speed (MCHS), maximal driving distance (MDD), and smash factor (SF). Golf performance factors were evaluated for 17 adult recreational golf participants after they performed three different warm up protocols: (1) no warm-up, (2) active-dynamic warm-up, and (3) functional resistance warm up, on three, non-consecutive days. No significant difference was found in MCHS, MDD, or SF between the three warm up protocols. Future research is needed in order to accurately assess and find an optimal warm up protocol for recreational golfers"--Leaf iv.