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Master of Science (MS) in Physical Education: Exercise Science


Physical Education, Health and Recreation

First Advisor

Wendy Repovich

Second Advisor

Wafa Alkurdi

Third Advisor

Ed Byrnes


"The purpose of this study was to compare RPE between ATM and SWW at 50%, 60%, and 70% HRR in a healthy adult population. Fifteen subjects (7 male, 8 female) performed both ATM and SWW at each pre-determined % HRR for a total of four days. The participants attended two familiarization sessions in which they practiced protocol and were taught the RPE scale. Each participant was scheduled for two testing sessions (one for the ATM and one for SWW) after the familiarization where they conducted the testing protocol of two minutes steady-state HR at each personalized % HRR. Within the final 10 seconds of the two minutes at each % HRR participants reported their RPE for the % HRR. These RPE values were analyzed for normality and for comparison using three paired t-tests. The two aquatic walking modes suggested that at 50%, 60%, and 70% HRR there was no significant difference. Results of this study suggest that RPE can be used to set intensity and workload interchangeably between ATM and SWW when walking at submaximal workloads of 50%, 60%, or 70% HRR"--Document.


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