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Master of Science (MS) in Physical Education: Exercise Science


Physical Education, Health and Recreation

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Garth Babcock

Second Advisor

Chadron Hazelbaker

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Jane Ellsworth


"The purpose of this study was to examine 1) if students felt servant leadership was present within the Approved Clinical Instructors (ACI's) of the programs surveyed; and 2) if those students who perceived their ACI's to be servant leaders also had more student satisfaction, and greater student success. Based on the literature search conducted, there was little to no research found on servant leadership in athletic training clinical education, especially from the athletic training students' perspective. Responses were obtained from 11 of the 27 Athletic Training Education Programs that were randomly selected for participation. Bivariate correlations were run on the thirty five student surveys that were collected and deemed complete. Regression analyses were run if a strong correlation was identified among any of the variables. Servant leadership had a strong influence on satisfaction in student athletic trainers whether from the ACI or the clinical site (n= 35, r=.877, p=.000; n= 35, r=.601, p=.000). Regression analysis was run showing that 83.4% of variance in student satisfaction is accounted for by variation in servant leadership qualities of approved clinical instructors (Y=--2.53+.583x). Student success, as defined in this study, was not influenced by servant leadership qualities regardless of the ACI or clinical affiliation (p>.05)"--document.


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